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Rodger Parrott

Rodger6 Parrot's Metal Inc.

Get adaptable service on-site from our expert team

On-site roofing can help with unforeseen complications that roofing jobs may encounter. Call today to see if on-site forming would be right for your needs.

Avoid possible setbacks

On-site forming can help save

your costs due to miscalculations, unforeseen obstacles, and

application mistakes.


Any product that you need can be obtained quickly, saving lost man hours that would be spent idly waiting for new materials to be delivered.

Get the roofing you want

Instead of forming the material at the plant and then shipping it to the job site, we can move raw materials to your job site and form it there.


Large lengths that can't normally be shipped can be done on site. The chance of damage from shipping is reduced, and you get the roof you want.

Please note that on-site forming is limited to snap lock panels only.


Roofing Manufacturing at the job

Parrott's Metal, Inc. can manufacture your new roofing right at your job site, helping you get any changes that you need due to multiple pitches and large structures done quickly and efficiently.