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Rodger Parrott

Rodger6 Parrot's Metal Inc.

Save money with our durable materials

Our roofing materials include prime metal and secondary rolls of steel that we are able to obtain for a fair price. We pass those savings on to you so that you can get metal roofing that will last for generations at a great price.

No-hassle roofing materials

Not only is metal the choice most storage facilities use due to its durability, but using metal also enhances your facility's appearance.


Metal lasts longer, comes in many colors, and requires almost

no maintenance.

Quality work you can trust

Even the best roofing materials won't make much of a difference if your roof is not installed properly.

We can refer a qualified contractor or allow our experienced team to provide you with step by step instructions.

Storage roofing

Parrott's Metal, Inc specializes in mini self-storage facility roofing. Our team has over 20 years of experience and has helped many self-storage facilities get the quality, durable roofing that they need.