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Rodger Parrott

Rodger6 Parrot's Metal Inc.


Choose from multiple panels

Save Money

With over 20 years of exoerience, we can pass on a number of savings to you. Our expertise allows you not only savings on materials, but we can also help you with instructions to get the job done faster.


Call us for the high-quality metal roofing - Saturday appointments are available!

  • Easy Installation

  • Wide Color Selection

  • Low Maintenance

  • Fire and Weather resistant

  • Prime Metal and Secondary Rolls


Trust in metal roofing for your business

Our snap lock and hi-rib panels are perfect for a wide variety of commercial businesses. The snap lock profile is very versatile, while the hi-rib panels are 3/4" panels that feature anti-siphon laps and superior protection.  Consider on-site forming for larger applications

Metal roofing can be installed to be nearly soundproof and won't make your building hotter. In fact, it actually reduces heating and cooling losses while insulating your building very well, when properly insulated.

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